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The masterplan project at Box Hill High School involved reconciling a popular education program and a growing school enrolment with an early (1930s) multi level educational building. The original 1930’s wing was added to with another wing in the 1960s and the School has since further grown by the addition of portable classrooms.

The central strategy in the masterplan was to introduce a pedestrian lift and a main mid level fully accessible circulation route that connected all parts of the school. By moving the library from the “hard to get at” upper level to this new main level an efficient subject area /teaching space arrangement became possible.  New facilities such as the Gymnasium, including two basketball courts, a weight room, store rooms and a table tennis area were added to facilitate optimum use with the community.

Photography: Tony Miller

City of Whitehorse - Building a Better City Design Awards 2009

Winner Best New Institutional Building Award
Winner Environmental Sustainability - Institutional Award
Winner Mayoral Award

Box Hill High School



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