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City of Port Phillip




This project provided the means for the City of Port Phillip  to centrally relocate its staff from other satellite inner city service location and create efficient working modules to optimise delivery of its local government services. The project rationalised the Carlisle street site  by removing the nondescript 1960s office building, adding a 3 level extension fronting Carlisle street as the new administrative ‘front door’ whilst retaining the historic former City of St Kilda town hall and ceremonial portico with views across the ceremonial garden from Brighton Road. An important aspect of the project was the removal the large glass wall subdividing the main hall installed as part of previous making good and addition works following the devastating fire of 1991.  


As well as the design of a 3 level office space extension, replanning of the site included the reinstatement of the large spaces of the original building as major meeting rooms, the retention of the Council chamber with improved access, an extension of the previous internal ‘access street’ to form a strong connection and presence via a new landscaped forecourt on Carlisle Street.  


The project received the 2005 Institute of Architects award for the major extension completed by WBa incorporating the successful amalgamation of significant 19th Century architecture by William Pitt and award winning architecture by ARM from the early 1990s.

Project Team: Mason Arkell, Matt Chau, Richard Cox, Holger Frese, Nick Gamble, Catherine Ramsay, Kerry Smith, Rob Spielman, Peter Wolf, Peter Williams

Photography: John Gollings

RAIA Public Architecture Award: Alterations & Additions 2008

Architectural Excellence in the South East Award

for Outstanding Building Conservation 2009

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