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Docklands Early Years

Learning Centre



An early learning centre for 150 children on the “roof top” slab of the new Docklands supermarket. This project involves a complex client arrangement including VicUrban as authority controlling and facilitating the facility, the developer Lendlease who are obliged to provide the facility, the Melbourne City Council who are significant investors in the project and the Lady Gowrie Centre, the chosen operator of the facility.


Physical planning of internal and external spaces to meet international best practice on the 3500m2 elevated slab site with predetermined access points and circulation is complex.  Reconciling the supermarket structural grid with the performance requirements of learning spaces for 150 children from baby age to 6 years old each with direct connection to an instructive and lush natural environment required consideration of many options and review.


Performance of the built environment for children in an intense urban location without ground connection as traditionally expected required extensive analysis of surrounding built form, much of which did not yet exist, to both optimise amenity and in turn achieve a project that can provide affordable child care. This project was delivered until design documentation, and was delivered via the Supermarkets Development Team.

Photography: Andrew Lloyd

Children's Room Section Detail
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