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Elizabeth H Kennedy Wing

Ballarat Clarendon College

Junior Campus


The Elizabeth H Kennedy Wing is a rejuvenation project that has brought updated and new facilities within the original mid century West Wing and created a new street frontage to the Mair Street Campus.


The West Wing was a single, two-storey building with additional single-storey demountable classrooms surrounding, fronted by a staff car park and minimal landscaping out of necessity. This project built upon the original footprint of the West Wing and the surrounding buildings taking advantage of the close coupled buildings’ arrangement. Some new spaces that were introduced were a Staff Learning Room, Art Room with an external learning deck and kiln room, 2 additional general purpose class rooms and external landscaped areas for learning.

Light wells in the corridors connect with new skylights allowing the building to have a consistent level of natural light throughout with passive ventilation, fans and hydronic heating to keep the cost of the building low and provide a comfortable environment all year round. The Elizabeth H Kennedy Wing and surrounding landscaping have provided definition to the corner of Mair and Little Raglan street giving the Junior Campus a consistent street presence.

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