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Exercise Pavilion

Ballarat Clarendon College

Senior Campus


The project provided a group exercise room for aerobics and weight training, toilet facilities for the adjoining Macfarland Hall and a new escape stair from the boys boarding house above Macfarland Hall. This building was carefully placed between the former swimming pool building and Macfarland Hall and using the existing brick garden walling as its northern extremity. 


High level windows located above the wall maintained privacy from the street and maintained the rhythm and scale of the existing brick wall referencing the existing buildings and forecourt garden context. Primary access to the building was set up from the south side from within the confines of the school. Minor pedestrian route to Sturt Street was maintained pending detailed consideration of the then possible redevelopment of the inadequate swimming pool facility.


This project provided then required educational amenities for the school in an opened ended manner , acknowledging future possibilities within a modest architectural approach. The same pavilion is now integrated into the new Fitness Centre complex completed in 2017.

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