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'Uniting Church' Site



The urban design strategy for the project sought to provide an integrated development that preserved the integrity of the church as the centrepiece of the development. New buildings were therefore positioned on the periphery of the site thus enjoying an address to both Fitzroy and Princes Streets while providing an open space sanctuary around the church sheltered from the substantial traffic and noise. The development  proposed the enhancement of the site and its features through the considered placement of buildings and open spaces.


The development includes a series of buildings along both Princes and Fitzroy Streets with pedestrian linkages to the central open space enjoyed at various intervals along both street frontages. These 'arteries' provide opportunities for specific views of the Church behind and public access into the body of the site. A significant aspect of the planning strategy was to site buildings within the parcel of land between the Church tower and Fitzroy Street.


RAIA Joseph Reed Award for Urban Design 1999

Urban Development Institute of Australia Excellence Award 1999

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