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Mitchell House



Located on a steeply sloping site with frontage to the Balnarring Beach this house was designed to house the extended family and accommodate guests. It is set over three levels with a main stair interconnecting all levels and half levels.  Entry and arrival is placed at the upper level at the end of a steep driveway. Guest facilities are also set on this level. 


The building adopts a low profile from the approach side thereby maintaining  view lines to surrounding neighbours. The middle level contains main living, kitchen/dining,  and master bedroom and study. The lower level accommodates a second split level family living zone, additional bedrooms and bathroom and external terrace with swimming pool. Beyond the swimming pool and further down the slope is a remote studio complete with bathroom and modest kitchen amenity.


The key to this project is accommodating a reasonably large building on an extremely  difficult site whilst creating a high quality landscape setting, comfortable for  the occupants and complementary to the public beach setting.

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