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Montalto Estate


2005 - PRESENT


The Montalto Vineyard project is located on Red-Hill Shoreham Road in Shoreham near the Western Port of the Peninsula.  It was developed as a venue for the visitors and local community of the Mornington Peninsula in the state of Victoria to enjoy the regional produce, hospitality, and beauty found in the extensive natural systems located on and around the proposed site. 

WilliamsBoag Architects were engaged to plan and design the vineyard structures comprising a restaurant, cellar door sales area with appropriate storage and amenity facilities. The philosophy behind the response was to introduce buildings that not only preserved the qualities of the surrounding landscape but also celebrated it and “introduced” visitors to it.  The design draws strongly upon the undulation of the landscape particularly the slope to the north and employs four main architectural elements; a raised earth berm, a core structure, a concealed courtyard and a landscape frame element.

The project is predominantly an exercise in landscape design with the low impact built form sited in between the existing and new contours of the landscape.  It is non-obtrusive in its response to the ambience of the setting. The project nurtures the landscape and the prevailing natural systems, promoting an exemplary active and responsible management of the site to be enjoyed now and into the future.

Architectural Excellence in the South East Award

for Best Commercial Building 2007

RAIA Commendation Award for Commercial Architecture (New) 2002

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