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Multi Purpose Pavilion

Ballarat Clarendon College

Senior Campus


The building was designed  primarily to provide student examination space, which at the tome of design were conducted in an old Sports Hall with ancillary functions including change rooms  for the adjacent oval , kitchen facilities and storage. The provision of the exam pavilion on the west boundary away from the main buildings of the senior campus enables the school to provide quality , quiet and segregated spaces to conduct exams.  

Outside the examination period the building is used for school assemblies, presentations and classes requiring use of a larger space. 

The irregular plan form of the building was designed to fit within its context by addressing the curving perimeter of the Oval and provide a regular and consistent street front along Wanliss Street on the western boundary.

The plan accommodates major trees that border the oval acknowledging protection zones and setbacks. The architecture of the building creates two large openable industrial scale windows, that  focus on the oval and are a key part of the passive environmental strategies employed in the building.  

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