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Old Colonists

Association Victoria 



Rushall Park provides 135 independent living units, a 28 bed hostel and 30 nursing home beds for the Old Colonists Association of Victoria (OCAV). Listed on the Victorian Heritage Register and classified by the National Trust, the site has typically consisted of small clusters of housing, the first of which was built in 1870.

WBa were commissioned to replace the existing hostel and nursing home with 25 independent and Assisted Living Units (ILU's and ALU's) as well as new communal facilities and retro-fitting the historic Sumner Hall.

WBa's planning focused on ensuring the integrity of the historic site's urban design and amenity, whilst creating opportunity for optimal yield. This careful attention to site provided areas of north-facing open space for residents to enjoy and sheltered walkways allowing for access across the site. Subtly referential polychromatic brickwork allows the new forms to respond to the unique historical setting and become a part of the established landscape.

Photography: Andrew Latreille

first floor plan
LAP0029_8260_Low Res
LAP0029_8082_Low Res
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