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Port Melbourne Primary School



The Port Melbourne Primary School  works have provided a new community gymnasium and arts and music facilities for the school. The gymnasium features a competition basketball and netball indoor court with spectator seating, storage, offices, kitchen/canteen and entry foyer with bathrooms and change rooms. The arrangement of amenities means that  outside of school hours the gymnasium functions as a community space with no access to the school.

Early design concepts and master plans had to incorporate a rearrangement of on site Mod 5 buildings to allow for the new gymnasium on the limited site. The form was informed by making a minimal impact on the streetscape, with projected spectator seating creating a receding elevation to the street.

Alterations to the existing BER building will provide new art and specialist music facilities including practice rooms to enrich the school’s curriculum and service predicted enrolment growth. This project has provided the school an amenity that wasn’t available previously and will aid the delivery of education at the school.

photography Mark Wilson

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