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Richmond DHS




Community housing implemented for the Department of Human Services located Richmond based on sustainable design principles, including solar orientation, natural ventilation, and water recycling. 

The Elizabeth Street ‘walk-ups’, a series of outdated 3-storey buildings, were replaced with 207 units spread over 4 buildings up to 7-storeys. The design maximised courtyard and open space and created better connections to the surrounding urban fabric.


The project increased the density while retaining the existing quantum of social and public housing as well as increasing public open and recreational spaces. Dramatically curved portals lined in natural timber create inviting entrances from the street, while intense splashes of colour and highly detailed balustrades add life and vibrancy while also fostering a sense of individuality and ownership.

Project Team: Peter Williams, John Clark, Kath Forsyth,

Mark Greenwood, Richard Cox, Megan Carroll, Dion Keech,

Charity Edwards, Ali Little, and Jo Wheelahan

Photography: Tony Miller, Kath Forsyth

AIA Victorian Chapter - Award for Multiple Housing 2014 

2014035367_00_WilliamsBoagArchitects_Richmond DHS_TonyMiller
DHS R4 - 018n2
2014035367_03_WilliamsBoagArchitects_Richmond DHS_TonyMiller
2014035367_01_WilliamsBoagArchitects_Richmond DHS_TonyMiller
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