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Youth Foyer



The Youth Foyer is a concept that originated in France, and has blossomed throughout the UK. The essence of the Foyer is the creation of a facility that provides assisted housing for young people aged 16-25 who are homeless or at risk of homelessness,  combined with a commitment to ongoing education. Education is the essential differentiator between the Foyer and other forms of assisted accommodation.

The Broadmeadows Foyer is the first of three being piloted by the Victorian State Government. The Broadmeadows Foyer has 40 single occupancy units - individual studio apartments complete with a kitchen, a bathroom, a study area and a living space. In addition to the individual private areas, a range of breakout spaces and programme spaces are provided, including a training kitchen and large lounge on the ground floor. A multi-purpose training room, interview rooms, open plan office for staff and other shared facilities are also provided to support the occupants and the immediate Broadmeadows community through continual engagement.

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